Airship in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Airship Armada is a playable unlockable stage originating from the Mario series.


Airships are a kind of vessel that Bowser and his fleet use for transportation. First appearing on Super Mario Bros. 3, they have been used a lot for the future games and for many media. Even becoming their main mode of transportation over the years. These ships normally have various weaponry and arsenals like: Bullet Bills, Cannons and Cannonballs, Rocky Wrenches, Rocket Engines and sometimes Mecha-Koopas.

In Super Smash Bros. IVEdit

An Airship Armada appears as a playable unlockable stage for the Mario series. Taking their New Super Mario Bros. U appearance, the stage is mostly side-scrolling like the Super Mario series airships. The stage start up in flying Koopa Clown Cars, those will bring you up to the actual airship. The airship will start side-scrolling here now. Many Rocky Wrenches are appearing from the ground and will throw wrenches which do 5% of damage while Rocket Engines are also seen shooting fire. The level has many elevations and basements to go down it along with breakable crates that hold items. Once you reach the end of the stage, the characters will need to drop down the sky. In the sky, you can attack with only air moves. Once you reach the bottom, 4 Koopa Clown Cars will appear and will carry you up the airship, starting the level again. While in the background, many big and small airships will be seen.