Arkham City Stage

Arkham City is the name of a recent Batman game on the Wii U and is also the setting of the game. It is massive location that the player is free to roam. It also appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. IV.


A maximum security prison set in a walled-off district of Gotham City, Arkham City is located in Uptown Gotham with an Amusement Mile, Industrial District, Park Row and The Bowery district. After The Joker's takeover of the asylum which was thwarted by Batman, Warden Quincy Sharp took full credit for the Joker's defeat and was quickly elected as Mayor of Gotham City. Manipulated by Professor Hugo Strange into creating Arkham City, Sharp walls off and isolates a large Gotham City district and converts it into the new form of Arkham Asylum. Sharp leaves Professor Strange in charge as chief administrator with security handled by the militarised TYGER troops. Bruce Wayne openly protests against the city's creation and is swiftly apprehended by TYGER and becomes an inmate. However, Bruce escapes the vengeful inmates and (with a capsule full of his equipment dropped on a near by rooftop) becomes Batman to investigate Strange's mysterious Protocol 10.

In Super Smash Bros IVEdit

Arkham City is the only stage in the game that represents the Batman series and is unlocked by completing the event Prison Break. The stage is set on top of a few buildings most noticeably the Ace Chemicals building. The ground is not reachable and if someone falls of the building and leaves the screen they will die. The hazards are TYGER helicopters that fire rockets at the players. These rockets cause explosions that can knock players far. The helicopters will attack the players every once in a while as they will move into the background to search for other victims to shoot.