DimsSmash is an exclusive fighting game for the Wii U and 3DS that came as DLC for both consoles. it features DimsStudios characters, Having 31 characters (2 of them being guest characters) to play as, along with 10 stages in the game to play in. Modes such as Brawl Mode and Story Mode return along with almost all of SSBB's modes.


Gameplay is almost identical to Super Smash Bros IV. Final Smashes, Stocks, Time Limit Mode and Coins all reappear in the game's Brawl Mode. Collecting Music, Stickers and Trophies also return to the game. Story Mode also returns with a different story as well.

Playable CharactersEdit

  1. Luke (Luke)
  2. Spikey (Luke)
  3. Mira (Luke)
  4. Jenny (Luke)
  5. Dr. Xack V. Zixer (Luke)
  6. Zhyphrik/Anti-Luke (Luke)
  7. Luke-X (Luke)
  8. Zax Diggs (Zax Future)
  9. Eddie (Zax Future)
  10. Taylor (Zax Future)
  11. Mr. Xellulite (Zax Future)
  12. Timothy "Tim" Fay (The Young Treasure Hunter)
  13. Sam (The Young Treasure Hunter)
  14. Jase (The Young Treasure Hunter)
  15. Kiara (Radioactive)
  16. Sarah "Queen Kraken" (Radioactive)
  17. Red (Space Battle Squad Force 8)
  18. Blue (Space Battle Squad Force 8)
  19. Yellow (Space Battle Squad Force 8)
  20. Green (Space Battle Squad Force 8)
  21. Orange (Space Battle Squad Force 8)
  22. Pink (Space Battle Squad Force 8)
  23. Purple (Space Battle Squad Force 8)
  24. Turquoise (Space Battle Squad Force 8)
  25. Tyler (Outcast)
  26. Kyra (Outcast)
  27. James (Outcast)
  28. Tristan (Outcast)
  29. Nightfire (Nightfire)
  30. Lord Nessy (Guest Character: Super Mario Bros.)
  31. Scorchmark (Guest Character: Fiery Scales)


  1. A.C.U.E (Luke)
  2. Dr. Zixer's Lab (Luke)
  3. O.N.T (Zax Future)
  4. Rain Forest (The Young Treasure Hunter)
  5. Temple (The Young Treasure Hunter)
  6. Nuclear Generating Factory (Radioactive)
  7. Star Ship 8 (Space Battle Squad Force 8)
  8. No Mans Land (Outcast)
  9. Secret Base (Outcast)
  10. Terrace City (Nightfire)


  1. Laser Gun (Luke)
  2. Ninja Star Coin (Luke)
  3. Cyber Sword (Zax Future)
  4. Metal Protector (Zax Future)
  5. Dart Gun (The Young Treasure Hunter)
  6. Ring of Posessing (The Young Treasure Hunter)
  7. Smash Ball (SSB)


  • The game was made to promote the new Cartoon Studio DimsStudios, and all there cartoons. So many of he scrapped content is from DimsStudio cartoons that never made it through production.