The Experiment Room is a prison-like room that normally imprisons vicious creatures. It appears as a stage in the game Super Smash Disney Brothers.


The experiment room first appeared in the Lilo & Stitch movie. When Jumba Jookiba was imprisoned for creating Experiment 626 AKA Stitch, the experiment was to be exiled in a deserted asteroid. However, inside Gantu's Ship, 626 started messing around with the security cannons mounted that will shoot anything that moves. 626 then managed to destroy the cannons and escape from Gantu's possession and escape to Earth.

In Super Smash Disney BrothersEdit

The Experiment Room appears as a playable stage from the Lilo & Stitch series. The stage is a normal stage with 4 platforms provided and 2 moving ones. In the background, two laser cannons are seen shut down while the glass container with no one as well. After some time passes, one of the following experiments will appear ranging from: Richter, Melty, Sprout, Slushy and Leroy. Everytime one of these appears, they'll stay there for some time while the cannons start moving around. Some time passes and the experiment will later escape and turn the battlefield into something different. Richter will create a fissure in the ground, forcing you to fight in a ditch. Melty will turn the battlefield into a flaming field. Sprout will grow large and forces you to fight in his head. Slushy will turn the battlefield into an ice rink with slippery ground and Leroy will not do anything to the battlefield. While the experiment is out in the battlefield, the cannons will try to shoot them but instead shoot the characters on the stage. The experiments also attack by: Richter will appear in the ditch on the background and start creating shockwaves and tearing up the ground to make falling points. Melty will shoot blue blasts of fire across the stage. Sprout will grow his little Sproutlings on his head that will bite you or attempt to gobble up the players (this attack is notified by his roar, if he does that, platforms will appear above Sprout which enable you to avoid him). Slushy will throw icicles or shoot icy winds at the stage. Leroy will jump across the stage while in ball form and throw numerous punches at the characters. After some time, the experiments are teleported away and the terrain will come back to normal as it first happened.



  • Although said to be from Lilo & Stitch, this stage appears more related to the Magic Kingdom ride Stitch's Great Escape.