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Fangora is a yarn dragon boss from the Kirby Series. It appears alongside a Noivern as the chapter bosses of Cave of Wonders in Story Mode. It also appears as a boss in Boss Battles Mode.

Character DescriptionEdit

Fangora debuted in Kirby's Epic Yarn, where it appeared as the first boss fought by Kirby and Prince Fluff. It posed as a formidable foe with various attacks such as blowing gusts of wind, shooting fireballs, flying towards the screen or extending its tongue. After some time passed, the boss tires out and holds out its tongue's button which Kirby or Prince Fluff can grab and attack it to damage the boss. After three hits have been dealt, the boss is defeated and you're awarded the second Magic Yarn.

In Story ModeEdit

Alongside a Noivern, Fangora appears as the chapter boss of Cave of Wonders. It can be seen numerous times through the level by blinking button eyes, fireballs being fired or Fangora himself flying in the background. Reaching the end, you'll encounter Fangora sleeping but King Dedede arrives. The king then wakes the dragon up and it proceeds to roar loudly. Alerting a sleeping Noivern nearby who proceeds to attack. Once it has been beaten, Fangora will fall down and go back to sleep.

Abilities in BattleEdit

Fangora's abilities are basically powered up versions of its old moves from Kirby's Epic Yarn along with other ones. It can shoot bigger fireballs, shoot his tongue which will create shockwaves, flap his wings hard enough to prevent you from moving forward (it'll try to send you to the left side which has a pitfall), fly towards the screen or through the left or right sides like Rayquazza, shoot slices of wind and stomp its foot which do shockwaves. Once it reaches 50% of health, it'll shoot even bigger fireballs and its attacks will be quicker. Once it reaches 10%, it'll do it's ultimate attack. Fangora will inhale Noivern and shoot him out, ricocheting through the walls rapidly. A couple of hits will then defeat it.


  • Fangora, despite being an easy boss in Kirby's Epic Yarn, is essentially a harder one in SSBIV.
  • Originally, in a video leaked containing boss battles. Fangora's battle theme was going to be his own theme but in the final game, it was changed to the Halcandra Boss Theme from Kirby's Return to Dreamland.
  • Some of Fangora's attack resemble Landia's from Kirby's Return to Dreamland.