Artwork from Super Paper Mario

Francis is an anthropomorphic Chameleon nerd and a chapter boss featured in Super Paper Mario.


A chameleon nerd that lives in The Bitlands in a fort called Fort Francis, he's a video-obsessed reptile that has a love for "babes" but doesn't have the courage to actually talk to one so he uses a program called Swoon.exe to talk to them. He was the main boss of Chapter 3 in Super Paper Mario and stole Tippi on the beginning. He kept her hostage in his fort, a dangerous establishment with Meow-Maids and lots of security. He was ultimately beaten by Mario, Peach and Bowser on their visit. He soon turned good to the protagonists and sold them Tiptron due to Tippi having left for 999 coins.

In Story ModeEdit


Francis appears as the third main boss from the story mode in the Paper World. He decided to steal the crystals from the villains due to "looking like collectibles" and hid in his new and improved fort now called "Chame-Le-On Fortress". Both protagonists and villains were in a rush to get the crystals with the protagonists winning but villains taking a small amount. He was left damaged on his fortress and apparently sleeping.

Abilities in BattleEdit

Francis' main ability is using his invisibility powers. Although he can be heard while walking. He'll start by turning invisible and take out his camera. The camera is now outfitted with various technology such as ice rays, fire rays and electric rays once it snaps. Francis can also jump on the battlefield numerous times or use his tongue to grab you in his mouth. He'll then send his Meow-Bombs at you to explode. Once he's at 50% health, he'll start using weapons from games such as: Link's Sword, a Mushroom, a Warp Star, a Poké-Flute, an Arwing, a Fear Nuke and a Barrel. Once he's at 5%, he'll use his "ultimate attack". The attack consists of several copies of him running around in the field that damage anyone who touch them. The attack finishes in 30 seconds and then you can attack him.


  • Francis appears as the third boss of SPM and SSBIV's Story Mode.
  • Despite being one of SPM's easiest bosses, he's significantly a hard boss in SSBIV's Story Mode.