John Cena is one of the main WWE superstars from the WWE Series.

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  • Neutral: Can't see me Punch: John Cena punches with his right hand, then a left, and then a powerful punch. 
  • Forward: Roundhouse KIck: Cena kicks out fast. 
  • Up: Uppercut: Cena uppercuts. 
  • Down: Low Kick: Cena low sweeps. 
  • Dash Attack: Flying Shoulder Block: Cena launches himself with his shoulder knocking off the opponent. 
  • Forward Smash: Cena Block: John Cena charges 3 inches forward with his Shoulder tackling 
  • Up Smash: Super Upper: Like the Mega Upper, John Cena uppercuts very hard. 
  • Down Smash: Spinning Splits: Cena spins on the ground doing the splits. 
  • Air: Sex Kick: Cena sticks his foot out. 
  • Forward Air: Five Knuckle Shuffle: Cena arcs him arm back and slams it on the opponent making a meteor smash. 
  • Back Air: Back Elbow: Cena sticks his elbow back at the opponent. 
  • Up Air: Air Upper: Cena arcs both hands up and swings it down, but the opponent is going upwards. 
  • Down Air: Drill Kick: John Cena does a drill kick that traps his opponents. 
  • Grab Pummel: Cena grabs the enemy with one hand and knees them in the mid-section. 
  • Forward Throw: Punches the opponent forward. 
  • Back Throw: Throws the opponent down backwards. 
  • Up Throw: Holds the enemy up and uppercuts with his left hand. 
  • Down Throw: Throws them down and does the Five Knuckle Shuffle while standing. 
  • Floor (Back): Does a backward punch. 
  • Floor (Front): Punches around him. 
  • Floor (Trip): Kicks around him. 
  • Edge (<100%): Gets back to the stage but slowly slides. 
  • Edge (100%+): Gets back to the stage & jabs hard forward. 
  • Neutral Special: Attitude Adjustment: Cena grabs a nearby opponent, puts them over his shoulders, and drops them to the ground with his signature move, the Attitude Adjustment. 
  • Side Special: Flying Shoulder Tackle: Cena performs a flying shoulder tackle at his opponent. If it hits, Cena dives past the opponent and you can press the command again to execute a second shoulder tackle in either direction. 
  • Up Special: Rise Above Hate: Three other wrestlers (Orton, Edge, and Kane) pop out of thin air and Cena uses them as steps to recover towards the stage. 
  • Down Special: STF: Cena grabs a nearby opponent and locks them in the STF submission. 
  • Final Smash: Crowd Chants: Two large crowds of people appear on either side of Cena and perform Cena's signature chants, alternating between "Let's Go Cena!" and "Cena Sucks!" 

- Opponents caught between the crowds are juggled upwards and take moderate damage for 6-8 seconds.
- At the end of the move, Cena raises his arms, causing both crowds to cheer and sending opponents flying.


  • Up: Does his famous "You Can't See Me" Taunt while saying the famous words.
  • Side: Raises both hands up with his middle.
  • Down: Salutes and throws his arm down.

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  • Runs in and throws his shirt away.


  • Male & Female: CENA! CENA! CENA!

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  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

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  • Default Costume: Current John Cena 
  • 2nd Costume: Green Shirt (Green Team)
  • 3rd Costume: Red Shirt (Red Team)
  • 4th Costume: Black Shirt
  • 5th Costume: Blue Shirt (Blue Team)
  • 6th Costume: Camo Shirt
  • 7th Costume: Pink Shirt
  • 8th Costume: 2004 Attire (Alternate Costume)


John Cena

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