Magica De Spell

Magica De Spell is a female duck villain from the Scrooge McDuck comics and a major antagonist in SSBBIV's Story Mode.


Magica is one of the villains Scrooge had faced. She's a witch duck that lived in Mount Vesuvius. Her only intention is to steal Scrooge McDuck's Number One Dime and melt it in the fires of the volcano to turn it into a powerful magical amulet capable of granting the Midas Touch. She has worked with Flintheart Glomgold, The Beagle Boys, Pete and even Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone 1963. She has appeared in various Disney games most notably being in DuckTales NES where she appeared as a boss from Transylvania. Her most recent appearance being DuckTales Remasrered where she was the main antagonist who wanted the 5 treasures of the game to summon Count Dracula Duck.

Role in Story ModeEdit

Magica De Spell appears as the DuckTales antagonist of Story Mode. First appearing in Scrooge's Manor after Scrooge was saved from the Helmaroc King. She is the slighty less comedic villain of Story Mode unlike others such as King Dedede and Randall Boggs. She normally appears when Scrooge McDuck is involved and will try to antagonize him but may antagonize other characters as well. She was defeated by Scrooge himself in a final battle against her.

Abilities in BattleEdit

Magica De Spell's abilities in battle are basically almost the same as her first battle in DuckTales Remastered. She'll create vertical lava pillars and horizontal lava pillars, shoot 3 purple magic balls, turn into her Vulture form and zoom through the screen, make lightning bolts hit the ground, let little ghosts attack you or make it rain cauldrons into the battlefield. When on 50% of health, her attacks become faster and larger especially the lava pillar one. When on 10% of health, she'll do her ultimate attack which is to create a checkered electric symbol into the stage which may be hard to avoid.