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Mole Miner Max is a minor boss featured in Donkey Kong Country Returns. He serves as the Mine Level's boss also known as the 6th boss in Story Mode.


Mole Miner Max is the boss of all Mole Miners found inside the Cave area. He was fought by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong on their quest to retrieve their banana horde from the Tikis. Despite posing no threat, he was brainwashed by the Banjo Tiki and started up his Mole Train. With the Kongs in hot pursuit with a mine cart, they avoided the deadly attacks and guards sent by Max. Despite his abilities, he was beaten nonetheless by the primates and saved from the tiki.

Role in Story ModeEdit


Mole Train artwork

Mole Miner Max is the boss of the mines and is in league with King K. Rool. Once the dinosaurs and Kamek reach the end of the mine, they notice the Mole Train starting up with Max jumping to it. The train was hoarding crystal gems responsible to bring back a demon. With their heroic nature, the dinosaurs and Kamek attacked Max. In a similar fashion to DKCR instead he was more powerful and took more hits to defeat along with the Mole Miners. After a hard battle, he was beaten and relieved of his brainwashing. He showed the heroes and former villain the purpose of the crystals but before he could finish, a shadowy figure took them away. Max knew who this was but preferred not to say it. Without any time left, the dinosaurs and Kamek set out to find this figure.


Mole Miner Max's battle is similar to the DKCR one with some differences. You'll be following his train in a mine-cart while he's at the train's main cart. His mole miners will throw bombs, pickaxes and dynamite. Once time passes, your mine cart will reach the train's carts and a wave of enemies will appear. Ranging from: Goombas, Mole Miners, Tikis, Hawks and Magical Demons. Once all finished, the battle will start again and the repeat the pattern of before except faster. Once you reach Max, he'll instead stay on the cockpit. He'll jump on the ground making rocks fall, throw sticks of dynamite, make some water towers on the background shoot pressurized water at you, throwing boomerangs or throwing himself at the crystal stacks. In the stacks, he'll wear a spiky helmet on his head and attempt to pop up on top of you. Once he appears on the stacks, he's now able to be attacked. Once he reaches 50%, he'll start using the environment to his advantage such as making stalagmites fall or maneuvering the train through poisonous water. One he reaches 5% of health, he'll use his "ultimate attack" which makes him move frantically and be invincible for some time. His attacks are now made crazier and more erratic than normal. Once health is depleted, he's now defeated.