Monstro is the final antagonist faced by Pinocchio and his companions in the animated Disney film Pinocchio

Character DescriptionEdit

Monstro Artwork

Monstro is a huge navy sperm whale that terrorized anyone on the sea and possibly on land. He swallowed Gepetto, Figaro the Cat and Cleo the Goldfish on their voyage on a boat to the sea. He also swallowed Pinocchio when he tried to find his father. After all get freed by making him sneeze, the whale started pursuing the heroes all around, even destroying their boat and ending them in wooden planks. He was ultimately beaten when Pinocchio and his friends swam to an opening in a cliff where he smashed into it, pushing the heroes with a wave into land. Since then, Monstro has become a popular villain in the Disney franchise although not as popular as some like Maleficient or Jafar.

In Super Smash Disney BrothersEdit

Monstro appears three times in the game: a stage, a boss and a final smash. As a stage, he appears in the stage Monstro's Mouth as the stage itself although unseen. As a boss, Monstro appears as a boss in Adventure Mode. As a final smash, Monstro appears as Pinocchio's final smash, appearing from side to wreck havoc.

Role in Story ModeEdit


Monstro makes an appearance as a boss when the heroes go to the sea. While traversing it, water spouts can be seen in the background implying Monstro is nearby. When the heroes arrive in a small rock platform, Monstro appears and roars, scaring Pinocchio into running away. After you choose a hero, you'll have to escape from Monstro and run into the opposite direction you went. After reaching the raft, Monstro will once again appear and battle the heroes. After getting beaten up, Monstro heads back to the sea and takes a nap.

Abilities in BattleEdit

Monstro is a huge boss that can shoot water spouts from his blowhole, try to jump into the raft, create waves, smash his tail into the raft, throw spiky urchins with his tail or ram the raft. Once he jumps into the raft, he'll apparently "beach" himself on it where your opportunity to attack is ready. Once he reaches 50% of health, he'll get faster and much more dangerous. Defeat him and you'll win.


  • While throwing urchins in his boss battle, he'll sometimes throw a shark. The shark is actually Glut the Shark from the Little Mermaid.