N64 Mario is the N64 version of the main protagonist of the Mario Series, Mario.

Character DescriptionEdit

Mario's "younger" self, N64 Mario is the Mario of the Nintendo 64 era and as such hails from a simpler period of Nintendo's history.

In Super Smash Bros. 4Edit

In Super Smash Bros. 4 N64 Mario is Mario's answer to Toon Link and is unlocked by beating Classic on Intensity 7.5 or higher with Mario.


As he was back then N64 Mario is still a balanced character with no strengths or weaknesses however this 64 bit hero has the ability to wall jump, lacks F.L.U.D.D. and has different Final Smash than his modern counterpart.


  • Neutral: A 1 2 punch combo followed by a kick. 
  • Forward: 
  • Up: 
  • Down: 
  • Dash Attack: 
  • Forward Smash: 
  • Up Smash: 
  • Down Smash: 
  • Air: 
  • Forward Air: 
  • Back Air: 
  • Up Air: 
  • Down Air: 
  • Grab Pummel: 
  • Forward Throw: Spins around and throws the opponent. 
  • Back Throw: Spins around and throws the opponent. 
  • Up Throw: Tosses the opponent upward. 
  • Down Throw: Goomba stomps the opponent. 
  • Floor (Back): 
  • Floor (Front): 
  • Floor (Trip): 
  • Edge (<100%): 
  • Edge (100%+): 
  • Neutral Special: Fireball 
  • Side Special: Cape 
  • Up Special: Super Jump Punch 
  • Down Special: Mario Cyclone 
  • Final Smash: Wing Cap 


  • Grows and Shrinks
  • Takes off his cap
  • Makes a peace sign to the screen

On-Screen AppearanceEdit

  • Jumps out of a Warp Pipe


  • Male: 64! MARIO! 64! MARIO! 64! MARIO

Victory PosesEdit

  • Makes a peace sign saying "Here we go!" with a star over his head
  • Appears as a giant head while saying "Thank you so much for playing my game."
  • Hops thrice to the right then stops in front of the screen.

Losing PoseEdit

Event MatchesEdit

Console War Aftermath: The War was over but the battle is still going. Objective: Defeat Sonic in a 2 Stock battle. Stage: Green Hill Zone

Generations: How far does a hero rise after 25 years? Objective: Defeat N64 Mario. Character: Mario. Stage: Peach's Castle.




  • Default Costume: Current N64 Mario (Red Team)
  • 2nd Costume: Wario Colour
  • 3rd Costume: Arcade Colour (Blue Team)
  • 4th Costume: Fire Mario
  • 5th Costume: Luigi Colour (Green Team)
  • 6th Costume: Mario Tennis Ref Colour
  • 7th Costume: Waluigi Colour
  • 8th Costume: Metal Mario (Alternate Costume)


N64 Mario

N64's Mario Newcomer Logo