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Noivern is a Flying Fox/Fruit Bat-like Pokémon that appears as a chapter boss in Cave of Wonders in SSBIV's Story Mode.

Character DescriptionEdit

Noivern is a Pokémon that debuted in Pokémon X & Y and one of the many Pokémon revealed for the game. They are highly aggressive and will attack anything that wanders too close to it. They are said to fly through the darkest of nights using ultrasonic waves it emits from its ears. Despite what it says that it's aggressive, it will remain calm if fed fruit. They are dual type Flying/Dragon and have a signature move known as Boomburst.

In Story ModeEdit

Noivern appears as the chapter boss of Cave of Wonders alongside Fangora. A Noivern can be seen flying around on the background of the level sometimes which might be the boss as no other Noivern are seen in the cave. Once you reach the end, you'll encounter Fangora whom is sleeping until King Dedede arrives and wakes it up. Letting out a roar, it wakes up Noivern whom proceeds to attack as well. Once he was beaten, he'll fall down fainted.

Abilities in BattleEdit

Noivern has many moves up its sleeve. It can shoot Dragon Pulse, Air Slash the stage, use Hyper Voice, shoot blobs of fire in the ground, swipe the battlefield many times, use Thunder to make lightning fall to the stage or do a Fire Blast on the stage. Once he reaches 50% of health, he'll become more quirky and faster while attacks do more damage. Once he reaches 10% of health, he'll do his ultimate attack. He'll use Draco Meteor to rain meteors into the field. The meteors are unpredictable and may fall down without warning. Only a couple of hits until he's finished off.


  • Originally, the theme against Noivern was going to play Fangora's theme from Kirby's Epic Yarn but it was changed to the Halcandra Boss Theme from Kirby's Return to Dreamland.