Ra's Al Ghul

Ra's Al Ghul is one of Batman's enemies. He is a 600 year old terrorist who's goal is to rid the world of crime, going as far as to wiping out vast populations to wipe out the pollution. He has been kept alive by the power of the Lazarus Pit which restores his health. He appears as a boss in Story Mode and Boss Battles Mode.


Known as the Head of the Demon and leader of the League of Assassins, Ra's al Ghul aspires to wipe the entire world clean of crime and pollution by eradicating most of the population. Possessing amazing stamina, martial art skills, and genius level intellect, Ra's has formed a massive secret society throughout the world that is funded by his many business empires. Fueled by the chemicals of the Lazarus Pit, a fountain of youth capable of healing any ailment and even bringing others back to life, Ra's has spent centuries in pursuit of his goals, eventually meeting his most worthy adversary, Batman.

Role in Story ModeEdit

Ra's forms a covenant with Jason that he will bring him back to life if he assists in ridding the land of the evil that has been caused by various criminals, including Bowser and Ganondorf. Jason succeeds in his task of killing henchmen and Ra's allows Jason to be revived by the power of the Lazarus Pit when they are confronted by Two-Face and his gang. Two-Face wants revenge on Jason for slaughtering a vast number of his men so he starts attack Jason who savagely fights back. Ra's notices that Jason is really a cold blooded killer and he was wrong to trust him. He then starts attacking Jason and Two-Face's team using his demonic powers. When Ra's is defeated, he is interrogated by Phoenix Wright about what his intentions are. After Ra's tells him that he wants to destroy the criminals, The team leaves to find out what they are up to, starting with Lord Zedd.

Abilities in BattleEdit

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