Sailor Moon Melee is an upcoming fighting game made by Krome Studios and Ban Dai release for the Nintendo Wii U and the 3DS.

Sailor Moon Melee



Game ModesEdit


The Arcade Mode have the player's character to fight 12 rounds againist random characters before facing Dark Moon, Sailor Moon's alternate universe version.

Story ModeEdit

The Story Mode is focus on the events after the Super Stars series, where an enemy came from an alternate universe from the Sailor Moon universe, In this alternate universe, instead of showing as an hero, Sailor Moon is shown to be a dark ruler and change Crystal Tokyo into a wasteland. Dark Moon decide to enter the orignal Sailor Moon universe and start attacking it. Unlike Super Smash Bros. Brawl' Subspace Emissary, Sailor Moon Melee's Story Mode shows the orignal voice actors to voice in the cutscenes. In the 3DS version however, the story mode is changed to show that Sailor Moon's friends have been possessed by Dark Moon, but also got teleported to Kirby's universe where Dream Land is almost destroyed, until she meet Kirby and both of them decide to join together to stop Dark Moon and her possessed minions.

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Sailor Senshi TeamEdit



Pack 1(Alternate Looks)

Pack 2 (Oppositio Senshis)

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  • Mario from the Super Mario Bros series was going to be a Guest Character, but it's changed into Kirby due to connections between the Kirby and Sailor Moon series. Pit from Kid Icarus was also planned to be a Guest Character as well.
  • This is the first video game made by Krome Studios to be release for Japan.