Shadow Stalker

Shadow Stalker

Dark Thorn

Dark Thorn

The Shadow Stalker and the Dark Thorn are Pureblood Heartless bosses that Sora and his friends faced in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Both appear as one boss in Super Smash Disney Brother's Adventure Mode.

Character DescriptionEdit

Xaldin summoned the Shadow Stalker after the attempt at making The Beast a Heartless failed. While Sora, Donald and Goofy were talking with the Beast, the Shadow Stalker chased Belle to the ballroom where she called for help. The heroes then arrive and fought the Heartless boss. After a tough fight, the chains on the Shadow Stalker loosened and revealed his stronger form, the Dark Thorn. The heroes then defeated the Heartless for good.

Role in Adventure ModeEdit

While the heroes reach a forbidden castle, they traverse the castle along with the rooms. While traversing it, the Shadow Stalker's eyes can be seen on the walls on occasions. On the very end, the heroes meet up with Ansem who manages to release the creature against the heroes. After a tough fight, the Shadow Stalker like in his original game, loosened its chains and turned into the Dark Thorn. Despite the difficult fight, the Dark Thorn was defeated and exploded.

Abilities in BattleEdit

The Shadow Stalker is a formidable foe in combat. It can drop into the floor doing a shockwave, posses the windows to throw shoot electricity, use the spiky pillars to sweep the sides or drop the chandelier onto the stage. To attack it, you'll have to wait until it uses its chandelier attack and attack the chandelier. Once enough hits are done to the chandelier, the Shadow Stalker will exit the chandelier and become able to be hit. Once you defeat it, the Shadow Stalker will loosen its chains and turn into the Dark Thorn. As the Dark Thorn, he can swipe his claws, turn invisible and swipe with its claws, throw pillars, throw its servants or once again use the chandelier. To attack it, wait till it drops the chandelier and use it yourself to make the creature appear. Once it appears, it'll lay on the stage's floor ready to be attacked. Once its health is depleted, you'll win.


  • The Shadow Stalker and Dark Thorn are the only bosses that don't have a Heartless version in the Other Dimension part of Adventure Mode.